The KÉRATENE® alphactive SerComplex anti hair loss Serum is a concentration grade 2 (CG2) type of product and provides extensive topical protection against hair loss and premature hair thinning by DHT, for both men and women. It contains thermoactive micron technology processed enzyme catalyze inhibitor that is activated at temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius (112 Fahrenheit).
In order to obtain maximum performance and achieve optimal dermatological care, the temperature of the scalp skin must reach the above indicated levels.
Allow a minimum contact time with the skin between 10 to 15 minutes.
For optimal results use KÉRATENE® alphactive SerComplex in combination with KÉRATENE® alphactive Shampoo, at least twice a week.
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Concentration grade 2 (CG2) - suitable for age groups above 25 years old
> to be used immediately after washing the hair with the KÉRATENE® alphactive Shampoo
> apply sufficient substance onto the scalp skin
> massage gently the scalp skin from time to time
> keep the  substance in contact with the skin for at least 10 minutes
> rinse the substance off and - if needed - blow dry the hair. Do not wash the hair again

Frequency of use
For optimal results KÉRATENE® should be used at least 3 times a year, for a period of 60 consecutive days, minimum two times a week.
For maximum results the recommended combinations are: KÉRATENE® alphactive Shampoo PLUS one other KÉRATENE® alphactive product, such as the Conditioner against hair loss or SerComplex Serum against hair loss or the anti hair loss therapy, KÉRATENE® alphactive Ultra, depending on the age group.
It is not necessary to use all products at the same time.

Therapeutical compatibility
All KÉRATENE® alphactive products are compatible with each other.
For optimal results their combined use is recommended.

Restrictions of use
KÉRATENE® alphactive should be used as a sole therapy for hair loss and should not be combined with other hair loss products designed for topical application.
In order to avoid unnecessary dermatological stress, KÉRATENE® alphactive must be used only after minimum 24 hours from the application of other hair loss products.

Chemical interactions by mixed therapy
Whenever a previous anti hair loss treatment had been used and then directly and / or completely stopped, or KÉRATENE® alphactive was introduced without any time lapse over the application of other products, chemical interference may occur.
By long-term use, specific hair loss therapies may induce sudden loss of hair when the treatment is suddenly interrupted.
In order to avoid such reactions, do not stop the treatment directly but rather reduce or limit the usage of the substance in/to a reasonable period of time.
In order to avoid massive hair fall, before beginning the treatment with another hair loss product, allow at least three weeks recovery time.
KÉRATENE® alphactive is not compatible with any products based on (amino)-minoxidil, when used at the same time.

Side effects
By normal and correct use, no noticeable side effects have been reported.

Adverse reactions
By normal and correct use, no known adverse reactions have been reported.
Should any adverse reactions occur within 15 minutes from the application, rinse the product with plenty of lukewarm water. Verify whether the concentration grade of the product is suitable for your age group.
If adverse reactions occur and persist longer than 5 hours after application, interrupt the treatment and consult your GP.
This product contains high concentrations of active ingredients.
Not suitable for people under the age of 18.
Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mucous tissues.