Options and treatments against hair loss and baldness

Treatments for the various forms alopecia have limited success, but typical male pattern baldness is now a preventable and reversible condition, to a certain extent.
KÉRATENE® alphactive is specifically designed to manage and control the effects of alopecia androgenetica, by delaying the effects of the follicular miniaturization and preserving the existing hair density.

The KÉRATENE® alphactive products have an optimal and balanced concentration of enhanced complex sterol mix based on sitosterol and various non-specific COX anti-inflammatory inhibitors to ensure a proper and lasting manageability of alopecia androgenetica.
The KÉRATENE® Hair Treatments booked excellent results amongst a wide range of subjects that tested the anti hair loss products from KÉRATENE®.
As a general rule, it is easier to maintain the existing hair follicles, however, the hair loss treatments have limitations and can delay the biological process of the miniaturization only to a certain extent.
At the moment, hair transplant is the only option to secure a permanent result and can be considered as the most effective treatment against baldness.
New technologies in cosmetic transplant, such as FUE, deliver impressive results and almost completely undetectable traces of the intervention.
Hair transplant delivers life-long results due to the fact that the transplanted follicles that are harvested from the occipital-temporal area, are not genetically marked to be sensitive to DHT, thus they will not be affected by DHT (surgical treatment against balding for men).
This is the reason why hair transplant surgeons offer a "life-time guarantee".
However, the existing follicles, prior to the intervention, will continue to miniaturize, unless managed and maintained.
Due to the fact that KÉRATENE® alphactive inhibits the very cause of the process of baldness, it can be used to preserve the hair density pre- and post-operative.