RESULTS and TESTS performed on the K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive Anti Hair Loss Therapies
K√ČRATENE¬ģ alphactive is the first OTC (over the counter) fully organic cosmetic line developed specifically to manage the effects of incipient hair thinning caused by hormonal factors, such as DHT, by delaying the effects of the follicular miniaturization and preserving the existing hair density.
Exclusive usage of the K√ČRATENE¬ģ products as daily hair care treatments may provide the following results*:

Daily use of the K√ČRATENE¬ģ products is recommended for optimal results against hair loss and against premature hair thinning.
In order to obtain the best results and maximize the effects, it is highly recommended to use a combined therapy of K√ČRATENE¬ģ products, not just one.
These results are in direct relation to situations when the products are used in persistent daily treatment with K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo in combination with K√ČRATENE SerComplex¬ģ or K√ČRATENE¬ģ ULTRA for minimum 60 consecutive days.
The best anti hair loss results are available after an average period of 60 days.
Learn more on how to use K√ČRATENE¬ģ correctly and maximize its effects against hair fall on the How To Use section.

Sustained healthy hair growth of the existing hair follicles has been observed in consistent daily treatments with oil-based K√ČRATENE¬ģ ULTRA Intensive Hair Treatment, combined with systematic hair care associated with K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo.

* claimed results may vary according to the personal state of health, lifestyle, nutrition and other internal and external factors and correct usage of the treatments, as directed.

Substantiation of claims
The tests were performed as controlled self-evaluation, across a population of 583 subjects, mixed race, female & male aged between 25 to 60 years old, during a trial period spanning 9 consecutive months.
The reported numbers are average percentages.
Based on individual life style, the reported results may vary, and may not reflect entirely congruent with the results obtained according to specific case.
No absolute claims are applicable.

Tests performed on K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo against hair loss
Subjects experience up to 50% less hair when using K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo alone and up to 80% visible improvement of the scalp skin condition.
The difficult, irritated skin calms down and the general dermatological tonic state is improved.

Tests performed on K√ČRATENE¬ģ Conditioner against hair loss
After the application of chemical treatments, test subjects experience an immediate relief of itch and redness when using K√ČRATENE¬ģ Conditioner, in the first 5 minutes and a significant improvement of the tonic state of the scalp skin.
Up to 50% reduction in hair loss count in combined, long-term therapy.

Tests performed on K√ČRATENE¬ģ SerComplex Serum against hair fall
Up to 60% reduction of hair loss and up to 85% improvement in the dermatological condition of the scalp skin, when the treatment is combined with K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo.
79% of the tested clients report a substantial improvement of the dermatological condition of the scalp skin and a better general tonic state of the hair strands: the hair looks and feels fuller, healthier and stronger

Tests performed on K√ČRATENE¬ģ ULTRA Oil-Based Intensive Hair Therapy against hair thinning
Subjects report a reduction in the number of lost hair strands of up to 80% and significant improvement in the overall hair loss count, within weeks of uninterrupted treatment, consecutive days, in combination with the K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo.
87% of the subjects report up to 80% substantial improvement of the dermatological condition of the scalp skin and a better general tonic state of the hair strands: the hair looks and feels fuller, healthier and stronger

Is K√ČRATENE¬ģ a permanent treatment against hair loss?
K√ČRATENE¬ģ is no definitive cure against excessive hair loss or alopecia (hormonal hair loss as result of the DHT action) for that matter.
K√ČRATENE¬ģ simply delays the progress of alopecia and visibly limits the amount of lost hair strands in the case of excessive hair fall, helping preserve the density of the existing follicles. Hair transplant is the only effective definitive remedy against baldness.

When can you expect the optimal results when using K√ČRATENE¬ģ?
In most cases (good general state of health) the results are visible even after 20 consecutive days of treatment. However, the peak of optimal effects is obtained on average after 60 consecutive days of use, provided that the K√ČRATENE¬ģ products are used as directed.
The above numbers are simply an indication and realistically, they may vary from case to case. Visit the How To Use section for details.

How long do the effects and results last?
Provided that an uninterrupted complete therapy with K√ČRATENE¬ģ is administered for a minimum of 60 consecutive days (in combined treatment with K√ČRATENE¬ģ Shampoo and K√ČRATENE¬ģ SerComplex or K√ČRATENE¬ģ ULTRA), the results may last from 6 to 9 months.
After this period it is likely to observe a consistent reduction in the effects, compared to the results obtained during and after treatment. This product is not effective in cases of alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis and alopecia androgenetica NW4, NW5 and NW6 as well as Ludwig 3 where total loss of hair density has already occured.